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GCS Backflow

Innovative web based programs with phone applications for Testers, Purveyors, Assembly owners, and Law Enforcement.

Drinking Water:

GCS Backflow Drinking Water

An online drinking water program management tool that will help you administer Permits and Inspections, including a mobile app.

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GCS Backflow In-Q-Spec

A user-friendly online paperless system that collects and manages all your field documentation with a mobile app and utilizes a tablet to collect data in the field.

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GCS Backflow Wastewater

A management program including a mobile app that will help you administrate Permits, Pretreatment, POTW, FOG, Storm water and Inspections.

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User has the ability to login through the GCS web-portal and can use all of the preset features in each module. Module usage is paid monthly for the online service which includes all IT, product and customer support and mobile app.


An interact system tailored to the client's functional needs including interface with other systems, client portal and branding. All IT, product and customer support including mobile App is included. Hosting provided by GCS cloud.

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